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Sometimes I like to just ramble about things. I’ll put those here….possibly in sub-categories if they fit.

Epic Battle: Geek or Nerd


I am geek, hear me code! Ha, wasn’t that horribly cheesy?  Who cares though…. this is my blog and I’ll do what I want here.  In fact, that’s really what being a geek is all about: finding those things that you really enjoy and embracing them despite all social convention.  Actor/writer Simon Peg has a […]

Refiner’s Fire — How Another’s Trial Makes a Man

Refiner's Fire

I am a man. I am a strong man, an honest man, a man of virtue and integrity. I am not bragging here, merely stating things that have been proven and shown to me through hardship and difficulty. I have passed through a refiner’s fire and come forth a sharpened blade of the best steel.
My rite of passage has been my wife’s poor health. There has been no council of men, supreme ruler, Jedi Master, or anything of the sort to congratulate me and present to me a sword that I can wear in public now. I don’t have a uniform or a badge, I don’t even get a sash. Nobody has informed me that I have passed through this trial and come out triumphant at the end; nobody needed to.

Developing Some Character

Aaron Pittman

Perhaps the greatest beauty that technologies such as DVR and streaming video have provided us is a greater commitment to and passion for serial television shows.  It is far less common to find a series in which you can just pick up any random episode several seasons in and have any clue whatsoever is going on. […]

The Paradigm of IT

The IT Crowd

I finally realized that Netflix got season 2 of The IT Crowd added; now I can say that I’ve finally seen the series in its entirety. Before I continue, watch this clip: (In case it doesn’t load properly, here’s the link: That is the very first we see of Roy and Moss, the two geek […]

I Think I Look Forward To “A Memory of Light”

A Memory of Light

Have you ever looked forward to something for so long and with so much anticipation that when it finally happens, you find yourself depressed when it is over? I’ve always been a fan of fantasy literature.  I usually like to look for the lesser known series and authors…therein generally lie the real gems in my […]