Introduction To My Blog

For a long time I’ve been thinking that I need somewhere that I can sit down and rant and rave as I see fit.  Quite often when I hear a political news story or read about some situation that is getting excessive media spin, I like to ponder it excessively.  In those cases, I often imagine that there is an audience out there for my take on those things.

Beyond that, I also need to have more of a personal “real” cyber presence that is related to my profession.  I’ve been online for years, practically ever since the internet was available to consumers, and I’ve had my own sites and online profiles everywhere since then.  But I have always been careful about protecting my identity….it is something I take pride in.  I have never had a Facebook or MySpace account, I generally don’t care for social media.  I embrace it to a small degree for the value it can have when it comes to marketing and brand management, but that is the extent that I will use anything of the sort.

So one of the other purposes of this blog is to expose my knowledge of what I do on a daily basis; that is specifically programming.  I intend to share my tips and tricks and discoveries when it comes to web development, Android development, and whatever else I happen to be delving into at the time.

As for the audience I mentioned previously….whether it be real or imagined, I really don’t care.  Yeah, I set up analytics on this site so I’ll know how many people do visit it; beyond that I won’t be pushing this or trying to make a living being a professional blogger.  So don’t expect high quality authorship, I’ve never intended to be a writer….except for a writer of quality code.

One last thing: if I choose to enable the ability to leave comments at some point, please note that I am well past the days in which I enjoy getting into heated debates online.  I see those only as wasted time and energy and only serve to upset people and ruin relationships.  This site is owned by me entirely, and I hold the right to delete whatever I feel like deleting…there is no freedom of speech here (and anybody who argues otherwise really does not understand what it is that the first amendment grants anyhow and should really try learning about it before using it in an argument) and I’ll censor whatever I feel like censoring and otherwise do whatever I want to do.  I am the overlord here, and I’ll do whatever I want to do.

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